I need to expand overseas. How can i find someone reliable to represent my personal interests in Europe?

Commercial Transactions


I am an investor. How can i get full information concerning the financial  transactions in Europe?

Financial matters


I have a legal matter. How can i get a reliable support when it comes to legal matters in Europe?

Legal matters


I have my own product, can somebody offer a  professional support regarding proper Marketing and distribution plans in Europe?

Marketing plans


I am planning to visit a trade fair in Europe. Can somebody to organise my visit?

Trade Fairs


I have a shipment in Europe. Can somebody do the goods check-up for me?

Transport and Logistic


I would to invest in real estate. Can i get useful addresses?

Real Estate


I am working on a project, and looking for exact information. Can somebody get me a professional consultation?



I have a patient. Can somebody give me useful addresses for medication in Germany?

Medication in Germany


I need to continue my higher studies. Can somebody give me useful addresses?

Further and higher studies