Commercial Transactions

When it comes to your business and commercial matters, we focus on the best method for you to increase your profits and benefits. Our target is to understand your business and commercial matters in order to build a proper basis for your success with us. Import, export, customs clearing, warehousing, distribution and representation are just a part of our services for our clients.

An example of what we offer:

  • Representation in the trade fairs and / or collecting addresses and distributing flyers
  • Organizing Import / Export documents.
  • Searching for distributers or commercial companies and products
  • Legalization of documents at the chamber of commerce or the embassy.
  • Check of goods and follow-up transport.
  • Preparing files on the commercial healthy status of the persons and companies.
  • Arranging and working on the customs documents.
  • Representation of persons and companies for signatures or in any different aspects.