We at Euro Arabian representation and consultation services (RAPCOSE), Germany, are pleased to solve your concerned matters related within the countries in the European Union. We are a team that has a background in Business, Marketing, Engineering, Management and Medicine.

We have an experience over 25 years in different fields. Our team has Arabic roots, and has succeeded with time to work and integrate himself in the European Union.

Our target is to facilitate the transactions of the private and business sectors between the Arabic countries and the countries in the European Union. Our services will help our customers to save lots of time, money, the complications of the visa applications and others, In addition to save the search for the appropriate person able to solve and do a successful job to your transactions.

An example of our services:

  • Commercial
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Trade fairs
  • Transport and logistics
  • Real estate
  • Consultation
  • Hospitalization and cure
  • Higher studies

and so on...

We welcome all your requirements. Our services cover all of the European Union.

All your transactions will be dealt extremely confidentially. Our prices are reasonable and very well studied. Our aim is to serve you professionally and to solve your matters in all aspects.

Please note that, because the transactions always vary, we do not have a fixed pricelist. We shall send you our forecasted vision cost immediately after studying your file.